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Complete the customer survey and enter for a chance to win free hoagies for a year, plus a swag basket.

Your Feedback is Valuable

By providing your opinions about your experience as a customer to Wawa via the survey, you can win free hoagies for a year.

Your Voice Matters

Participate in the Wawa Customer Satisfaction Survey and play a pivotal role in shaping your future experiences. Your feedback is not just heard, but actively used to enhance service quality, menu offerings, and overall ambiance.

Win Exciting Rewards

“Imagine enjoying Wawa’s delicious hoagies, free for an entire year! By completing the Wawa Survey, you’re not only providing valuable insights but also getting a chance to win this mouthwatering reward.

Quick and Easy

Taking the Wawa Customer Survey is a breeze. Accessible online at, it’s designed for your convenience. Whether you’re on a phone, tablet, or computer, providing your feedback takes just a few minutes.

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Welcome to, your go-to source for understanding the impact and rewards of engaging with customer satisfaction surveys, especially the one offered by Wawa. Here, we delve into the reasons why your voice not only matters but can lead to delightful experiences and exciting rewards.

Why Your Feedback is Crucial

At Wawa, every customer’s opinion forms the cornerstone of service enhancement. Your feedback in the customer satisfaction survey is more than just a formality; it’s a powerful tool that helps Wawa tailor its services and products to fit your needs and preferences better. When you share your experiences, whether they’re about the quality of food, the efficiency of service, or the cleanliness of the facilities, you directly contribute to the evolution of the Wawa brand.

The Rewards of Sharing Your Experience

Wawa appreciates the time and effort you invest in providing your feedback. To show their gratitude, they offer an exciting opportunity to win free hoagies for a year! Imagine indulging in your favorite Wawa hoagies, each visit promising a delightful and satisfying meal, without any cost for an entire year. But that’s not all. Alongside this savory reward, participants also stand a chance to win a Wawa swag gift basket, packed with goodies that any Wawa enthusiast would cherish.

How Your Feedback Shapes Wawa

Every survey response plays a crucial role in decision-making at Wawa. Whether it’s tweaking a recipe, training staff for better customer service, or enhancing the overall store environment, your feedback is the catalyst for change. By understanding your preferences and pain points, Wawa can focus on what matters most to you, ensuring that every visit to their store leaves you satisfied and eager to return.

It’s Easy to Make a Difference

Participating in the Wawa Customer Satisfaction Survey is simple and accessible. Visit and share your thoughts in just a few minutes. Your convenience is paramount, and the survey is designed to be user-friendly, quick, and effective.

Join the Wawa Family

By taking part in the survey, you become an integral part of the Wawa family. Your insights help shape the future of Wawa, creating a community-driven experience where every customer’s voice is valued and acted upon.

Start Today!

Don’t miss this chance to make your mark on the Wawa experience and win amazing rewards. Visit today to take the survey and join the countless others in enhancing the Wawa journey. Your opinion matters, and it’s time it’s heard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the Wawa Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Answer: The Wawa Customer Satisfaction Survey is a tool for customers to provide feedback about their experiences at Wawa stores. It covers various aspects like service quality, food, cleanliness, and overall satisfaction. Your input helps Wawa improve and tailor its services and products to better meet customer needs.

2. How can I participate in the survey?

Answer: To participate, visit You’ll need a recent receipt from Wawa, as it contains the survey invitation code. Follow the instructions on the website to complete the survey.

3. What are the rewards for taking the survey?

Answer: Participants of the Wawa Customer Satisfaction Survey get a chance to win free hoagies for a year and a Wawa swag gift basket. These rewards are a token of appreciation from Wawa for taking the time to provide your feedback.

4. How long does it take to complete the survey?

Answer: The survey is designed to be quick and easy, typically taking about 5-10 minutes to complete.

5. Is my feedback really important?

Answer: Absolutely! Your feedback is invaluable to Wawa. It helps in understanding customer preferences and improving areas that matter most to you. Each response is a stepping stone towards enhancing the overall customer experience at Wawa.

6. How often can I take the survey?

Answer: You can take the survey every time you have a new receipt with a survey invitation. This ensures that Wawa gets continuous and up-to-date feedback.

7. Are my personal details safe when I participate in the survey?

Answer: Yes, your privacy is of utmost importance. Wawa adheres to strict privacy policies to ensure that your personal information and responses are kept confidential.

8. When are the winners of the survey rewards announced?

Answer: Winners are usually announced monthly, and participants are notified via the contact information provided during the survey. Keep an eye on your email or phone for any notifications!

9. Do I need to make a purchase to participate?

Answer: Yes, a recent purchase at Wawa is required as you’ll need a receipt with a survey invitation code to enter the survey.

10. Can I provide feedback without participating in the survey?

Answer: While the survey is the primary method for feedback, Wawa welcomes customer comments at their stores or through their customer service hotline. However, only survey participants are eligible for the reward drawing.

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